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Aroma type products have been around a long time and much longer than we assume. Sweet smelling flowers have more than likely been with us since cave man times. Smelling salts used for revival and other medicinal reasons have likewise been with us for hundreds if not thousands of years. Poppers for Sale uses have been recorded in Egyptian times and Romans are known to have partaken in the sniffing and inhaling thereof. Used for enhancement, relaxation and stimulation. These days we are more chemically astute and have a much better understanding of the human anatomy and the effects of substances upon us. Plus we have new age society laws and regulations to follow and adhere to. We are all governed by politics and law.

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Wake up salts

Wake up salts

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The formulae for the poppers blends and mixes have changed with scientific knowledge and chemistry in today’s times. Romans did not have such an in depth knowledge of the chemical exact mix but they knew by combining certain elements a powerful punch could be delivered. Used for stimulation, relaxation and enhancement. This could be delivered and the feeling is that they had more of a punch than today’s milder chemically “correct” poppers.

Chemical Poppers

Chemical Poppers

What we at poppers warehouse do is give consumers free choice, and more importantly allow for a great range of product off the shelf and sold direct to you. So why not enter our online shop and browse, check out the bumper packs and combo deals. We change our promo strategy every month and always have a deal off the shelf and something to suit everyone. Bulk orders are the most cost effective way to shop and the range we have in stock as we are not tied to any one provider the choice is somewhat limitless. Our warehouse gets new products in before the high street shops, as we do not have the “Mark Up” price factor we can offer poppers at a much cheaper price than the local sex shops or newsagents.
There are always newbie brands arriving every day and they got to get the word out there somehow, so we regularly make up offers normally attached to the major established popper brand names like Rush or Jungle Juice (Which are our best sellers). This achieves two functions: The customer gets his or her normal poppers delivery combined with a “Newbie” product at a reduced price(s). Shopping for certain types is another option our customers enjoy. Super Strong and triple strength formulae are now “Out There”. This niche market has some loyal fans always wanting to try out the latest trending poppers.


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