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Yes its Christmas and the time of year for bargains! Warehouse suppliers have a feast of a platter for you this year including 30% discounts on a range of poppers including three big ones Amsterdam Iron Horse and Jungle juice poppers. Fantastic savings to be had all round this time of year but at poppers warehouse don’t stop delivering to you all the very latest related like aromas and toys lubes and even poppers masks.

X-mas Goodies

Check out this one X-Mas edition one time year run , very festive and a dark look about it, highly effective strong popper heightened strength and concentrated. Designed for the bedroom so you can chillax this Christmas get horny and get off so to speak 🙂

Christmas special

Not wanting to miss out on any bargains the shopper of today is a super saver and internet ready. The supermarket shelves are stocked and we can super rush your poppers direct to you no fuss no quible and no obvious outer package markings. Enjoy the moment and have a great festive time. Maybe mix it up a bit more with the New Amsterdam , 10 mls of a brand new designer aroma from one of the great suppliers to the poppers industry namely Push

No more headaches

Reports say no more headaches it being a brand new formulae great intensity and hits the parts others don’t reach! If you have been a fan of the old Amsterdam then do try the new. One of the strongest not only in strength but likewise in popularity. Only Rush and its cousin Rush ultra lead in sales before the likes of Amsterdam

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