Best Runner Up

Here in 2019 its been an up and down year to date with three quarters gone and one remaining. Up and down to say the least. New comers include Alpha and a range of stronger variants. Amsterdam adding to its black label and Jungle juice bringing in an addition to its family. Rush as always creating new and exciting aromas. The promotions have run near on all year predominantly with established lines adding to their sides a more less known […]

Christmas Poppers Gifts

That time of year is coming again,Christmas with before and after sales. we expect a higher amount of traffic and subsequent purchases via our shop online. People expect bargains , shoppers see after “Black Friday” super Monday and after Xmas the January Sales. Christmas shopping can be super stressful but with online markets continuing an upward trend this is the future and present way to shop. Cheaper poppers will be available for buyers we at the store always have quarterly […]

Summer Sales

Always one for a super sale this month its summer madness time and we are giving away , promotions keep coming in. around till 1st August with some bad boys on show , blue boy rush and fist also including more leaders like Amsterdam.     Summer is here and it looks like its staying for some time to come, 30% off will help anyone and its a serious amount of money to account for, best staying in your wallet […]

Check out some of the New Power Poppers

Buy two get two more gratis! Even some of the big boys are attending this party.Amsterdam Rush Berlin triple strength! Showcasing lately some of the packs also in store. Extra Powered up Rush: Strong pellet power in a handy bottle. Shake n stir it up a little to get more in and more out of this exciting new way to get what you like at a price that right. Drift away form the mainstream with this lesser known poppers with […]

Rush Video

Just seen a video and here it is showcasing Rush the number one supplier of poppers world wide. Rush Poppers Black ultra strong, liquid incense and pellet style plus solid types showcased here . Old names like leather cleaner, Alternative  amounts for sale. Throw in some more likes and remember “Never Fake It”!

Cheaper Aromas

Want cheaper aromas then pop on by to the shop. Currently available until 11th April and at 30% off. Major names such as Rush , BDSM and Juice. Old style and new something for everyone but be quick! Amsterdam , Extra strength aromas and the all important Gold for sale just like the old days at super low prices. We did have a discount across the board but feel like the “popular” ones need a boost and are nearly giving […]

Super Sales at Easter

Continuing the sale we are offering a further 15% off across the board on everything until April 4th! Apply the code and get cheaper deals, simple. Chocolate Easter Bunnies and poppers plus a whole lot more! In shop we stock toys, garments, reading material and alternative life items for use in the bedroom and outside. BDSM: Fetish wear collars gags and teasing toys. Get a super deal on the Sale, buy with confidence and the knowledge that your purchase will […]

Seasonal Give Aways

  Winter Rush , put it away and get some Easter Rush. 15% off with a special code valid until Easter and then we will have a new special offer. New faves like Squirt for sale plus as this offer is across the board range why not get some underwear or toys combined with your poppers purchases. Just an idea as it looks like in Europe its going to be a cold snap Easter so folks will spend time indoors […]

Power Play

Customers can buy poppers and alternative items in shop, enabling you to power play in the bedroom and anywhere you choose. Items for sale include plugs, toys and guide books. Monster black anal plugs: Reduced prices of course on average 20 – 30 percent. Users will no doubt need some lubrication and we supply lubricants of various types, water and silicone based. Why not try one of our small to medium dildo’s? These big boys are stronger and will slip […]

40% Off poppers

Yup that’s right 40% off poppers when you buy selective brands namely Amsterdam, fist and rush poppers. Sales are now reduced with a massive super 40% discount. Who wins, well everyone we sell more and promote maybe some lesser well know names and the consumer wins by buying at a cheaper price and therefore saves money. So get down in shop today grab yourself a bargain plus save your ability to shop with more spending power elsewhere or alternatively buy […]