The Best Selling Poppers in the World


The best selling poppers in the world. Number one figures state 25000 sales per day! These aromas are the true market leader with emblematic designs super marketing techniques and stock shelves will have sure fast super strong sales for decades to come.  We have show cased the various side lines but the olde faithful stands out and proud with its Captain to the fore. Yellow instantly recognizable bottle with lightning strikes embossed. “Never fake it” wording   around the bottle necks.

Yellow Peril

Sealed caps for your protection cover the 24 ml contents on the liquid. Super strong power poppers extra boost for those special moments. Our warehouse even provides bulk purchases for example 18 items in one convenient tray marked up: “It’s the Real Rush Hour”.

Its the Rush Hour

Not much more to add that has not been said one hundred times prior as this poppers name sells it self now days. Trusted known formula on our shop shelves, available today for immediate order, buy online, internet style, to super save your dosh.