Buy Strong Poppers UK


Yes we have all the strong and extra strong poppers for sale for you to buy direct into UK. Some are even E .U branded for the European market specifically. Hard ware and triple X for example Ultra strong rush and even the new solid style aromas will have a super strength variant released soon. Designed for big boys perhaps with big toys!

Strong poppers

Strong poppers

Developed independently and with a power punch aroma these small and large bottles of power punch are designed for an extra strength hit. Most have power pellets activated by shaking and of course the more you shake the more the popper develops. Buy these pellet styles and see how much longer they have in “shelf life” Store in the kitchen fridge and they will last longer. Take care obviously not to spill them or else!

Buy Jungle Juice Poppers.. New Strong Formula

Buy Jungle Juice Poppers..
New Strong Formula

The jungle juice ultra strong adds a new edge to the famous brand and allowed to breathe will give you that power punch. Its new 2016 to the range we have in store and seems to be popular among the faithful. Probably due to the fact that Jungle Juice is and has always been known as a stronger popper anyway.