A word that means a couple of different things depending on whom your talking to. Some would say lets go on a cruise, meaning taking to the high seas and doing a cruise on a ship.

In the gay world this means looking for sex, all be it in the local WC or car park bushes or nudist beach. a quick search for the term will display a massive end of results. We supply from the shop whats seen as a cruisers pack or more simply put poppers. the choice can be made between solid and liquid forms, the wax ones are contained in an aluminium tin and don’t spill and only when rubbed does the magic happen.  Traditionalists and the majority prefer the liquid bottle approach.Being an online supplier we sell near on every type shape and known aromas known if not we know why we may not have it in store. No great surprise then that multiple packs are generated promoted and are readily available for sale with 24 processing.

Cruise Pack Not to be left at home

Chosen just one to showcase including the ever famous Rush and Push, its an exclusive deal with all 3 being larger contents than normal. Hence its a bit more expensive. the Extra strong also makes for a suitable and memorable branded impression.

OK Not to be confused with the film with Al Pacino but being the same subject matter. In UK we know it as a scene term “looking for sex”. Old school via the lavatories and known “walking grounds new age meaning using such apps as grindr… ( )  whatever floats your boat make sure its the right one 🙂