Poppers Information

How why when how much got a few quick questions on poppers here we hope to give a few informative answers, quick fire:

How much, hard to find a better priced supplier than ours, being online we are selling cheap poppers cutting out costs by providing direct from the shop. Also we always have a bargain, a sale on seasonal, regional, promotional just check out the discounts now. Having been in the poppers business for decades we know how it ticks and know how much consumers are willing to pay whilst likewise always recognizing everyone is wanting a bargain and keeping all parties happy.

When can you deliver or supply , we ship out twenty four hours a day and it would not be uncommon to see your order delivered in 24hrs. Depending on your geo location and local infrastructure / postal services but rest assured after receiving orders online  we start processing immediately having probably the largest stock on the shop shelves we can almost guarantee n order placed will ship out in hours.

Why buy from us, the answer is and can be seen above as we have super cheap poppers  and have the stocks in site to process and deliver your orders. We have an enviable range combined with associated like products such as bedroom accessories in all shapes an forms plus all the latest fads , we are confident you an find all your play time items all under our shop roof!

What are poppers, in an alternative page we describe the chemical make up and the history from Egyptian times to present day, The essence is a chemical mix that provides an enhanced quick “hit”. An elevation of the senses combined with a relaxation of the muscles with a drop in blood pressure. Having been around for  a long time poppers have evolved  and now have many shapes forms and derivatives plus of course some names like rush have been around and hence established since the late mid last century predominately within the gay community. Why use them , its similar to a Marmite or Vegemite moment its a love or loath but like anything care is taken when using. Many try and love mother folks try and leave. L