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Yup extended Christmas sales with unbelievable bargains to be found in shop. All the real winners to the front. Rush the all time number one included.

Christmas Super Sale

Bring some festive bedroom cheer and spice up your love life with these beauties.Even some square bottles plus another XXX brand namely Berlin Poppers.

One for the bear community some would say BDSM “Fist”. The image on the outside says it all. A full on range for your Christmas stocking fillers even some ultra strong fro the more hardened poppers users.

Not forgetting the Radikal one with its super large opening which allows more of the aromas to be released, small dinky typically brown of course and yet another “stand out from the crowd”.

Junglejuice been around for decades and always a sure fast steady winner undoubtedly will be with us for many more years.

Power pellet style rush with the mega white shake able pill, designed to allow as much power poppers to be released into the liquid as desired; the more you shake the more strength is dissolved.

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