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Yup you heard it here first Winter Rush poppers with some coming free with purchases , just check out the 15% off offer valid on everything. Shop now and save Christmas is a coming.

15% off and Free poppers!

Just remember the promotional code Santa is here and make sure you have some of the new poppers in your sack. Ten mils of dreamy liquid and for the first prize get 15% off . Now that is what we call a bargain. This blue rush winter is a one off run presently so why not mix it up even more by buying specials favorites or just go out on a limb and try a newbie product as you could end up getting the rush free anyhow. The offer is valid until 6th of this month but as regulars can testify we always have a bargain for all seasons and most months so make sure to come back to the shop. Happy Christmas.

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