Poppers For Sale

The poppers warehouse in its simplest form is a distributor of off the shelf aromas and poppers like products at super discounted prices for sale cheap due to bulk acquisition and cutting out the middle costs. Simple economics and quantities of scale. The benefits are to both to the suppliers, manufacturers and of course the end consumers. Located in central Europe we are an easy access point and easily reached market especially within the European Union. Shipping around mainland Europe is our forte but of course we ship anywhere worldwide.


Ordering Poppers Online
Care has to be taken when ordering as to avoid disappointment some countries do not allow poppers importation and their usage, so the onus is on the end consumer to check out the country laws that apply to their country and poppers usage within that country. Inside the E.U for example we do not currently ship to Austria.
We also stock a range of fun products for the bedroom department for both him and her and the best way is to check out the online store.
When ordering poppers care should also be taken if the customer lives in a hotter climate, the reason being that poppers are flammable and are subject to expansion. Contained in sealed 10 or 15 milliliter bottles it has been known for bottles to “vent” in above average hot conditions. Consider ordering in bulk in the cooler times of the year as the delivery agents in hotter climates could leave the product outside in the baking sun! We ship out in sealed discreet packaging and take every precaution for this anomaly, but have no control over the deliver agents in specific hotter climates or anywhere outside the warehouse.
We ship our product twenty four hours per day and guarantee your order will be processed and will have left our store and been dispatched within 24 hrs.

You have the right to return your product within 14 days of purchase. Both parties reserve the right of revocation and resolve thereof. The purchaser must however have received the goods and have written into us. Of course this would be voided if there was a non receipt of product but likewise a 14 day time frame should have elapsed. The cost of return shipment to the warehouse is the responsibility of the purchaser if the price of the goods does not exceed 40 Euros and the items received were the items ordered. All except non receipt of return policies start upon receipt or collection of goods.