Dominant males need submissive guys. The warehouse has now acquired an accompanying poppers namely “Alpha”.


Ready and willing submissive await his masters pleasures, take Alpha to order. A domineering display is demanded. Isopropyl Nitrite the active ingredient that is super strong. Pinnacle triangular design with a top and bottom Black and white ying and yang. In some circles, ie the Bondage community or bear world there are defined roles between consenting players. Effects are near on instant like the Power fuel even larger 30ml similar product. a bit more pricey but worth the wait. Hope to see these fly of our store room shelves.

Socially or professionally we can find the alpha males in the work place and at the local taverna. Constant competition to see who can be the best, the looser being the Beta a shy introvert unwilling nerdy type as is the typical stereo type. The winner generally gets the women but more in the aroma world the males. A lion. Some seek power money wealth and a den of mates. Of course there can be relationships with equality gained by all parties. Demand adoration even worship. Muscle worshipers are a pleanty. As a Muscle God one can demand payment either financially or in the bedroom. Born leaders like Alexander the Great a no doubt leader of men and conquest.

In summary a popper that sits at the front of the shelf , the head of the Que. Loud and proud!