Amsterdam Poppers


All the way from Holland well not actually made there but a long best seller worldwide. For sale with a couple of variants, the traditional pinker label with the images of Amsterdam canal type buildings distinctively embellished upon the bottles outer labeling, plus a black style new extra strong aroma with a great following now, probably due to the distinct flavor.

Super Black Amsterdam Poppers

Providing power and easily identified in its bottle square form shape. There is also a solid type which has the original designed Amsterdam label on the outer tin. These poppers are activated via rubbing of the wax between the fingers. Being the first of its kind these are selling fast but time will tell if they will be a long live item or not. We think it’s a great idea as they are easy to carry around, no spillages or leaky caps so long as you don’t leave the contents in an overly hot environment then all is a very well packages alternative. Just pick them up and put them in your pocket and go or just leave them next to the bed on the table. No need to store solids in the refrigerator, plus the life should be extended longer. Enabling you to buy more and getting your cash to go further. Always available on the shop shelf and with super-fast delivery services.

Solid Poppers Wax Based

Red and Black label Amsterdam Poppers