Best Sellers

We have to set out the best sellers of all time . Well since the beginning of 2017 and showcase the top five, in first place its an all time forever iconic brand namely Rush Poppers having been around since the 70’s these have been sold ever since, the branding has not changed much its instantly recognizable The captain and or a yellow flash lightning strike normally in yellow is emblazoned on the label it also being a striking yellow.

The original Rush

The second most popular we have for sale is liquid gold. Again an aroma that has been in our shop and other outlets for what seems like an eternity. Having outlived many of its competitors it will undoubtedly be with us in the warehouse for years to come. The former “daddy” and show case stopper with its golden labeling standard bottle and potent power liquid contents adorned by so many loyal clients. Its always going to be around:

Pure Gold

In at 3: Its jungle juice . Platinum is the favorite for our customers, for sale since the 1980’s a slightly alternate aroma from its original fore father the traditional yet very still much with us yellow peril large brown bottle. Platinum is larger than standard distinct colours and very much an acquired taste! Potent long lasting and with maximum staying power fab following and has faithful loyal customers who know what they want and like the standard. We do mix this one up a bit with new as the company produces more than one strain.

Jungle Juice Poppers

So down to the last two and in at 4: Its a new comer namely Fist aromas. We think due to the leather crowd wanting more and getting what they ask for time in time out. Definitely a high end power popper with that extra umph!  Great reviews normally five star. The emblem on the outside says it all an image of a clenched fist sometimes gloved. Pop out designer labeling and the branders have obviously done their homework and come up with a real winner. Not a bad word on record.

fist poppers for sale

Red top! So last is and has to be a general placement for the super power poppers , the triple X extra long live mixes. So many about but as a rule go for the known makers the companies that have been round for ages and you wont be disappointing. That said the reason we do special runs and offers is to get the other products out there and find something for everyone. Whilst allowing customers to try out new ones and be very satisfied with the old ones.

XXX Power poppers for sale

Liquid larger sizes with 24ml contents.