BlueBoy Poppers

Two part introduction Blue and boy. Blue an older term for porno and likewise a primary colour. Woad a dye ancient warriors from Boudica times used to paint their bodies. Celtic origins and a rare sight in Roman times. Also an Indie band made up of some very hunky guys especially Duncan although not as good looking as Lee and sue some girls and teenage boys has posters a pleanty. Mentioning buoys or the former boys to men and also a popular pop band. How many used poppers who knows , one would have to ask the horses mouth. and get it straight.

This bottled aroma has some potent make ups, new age like the bands plus desirable with a power knock out blow. Can be easily identified by its make up and branding. Mid range strong in smell and standing will be here with us for years. Also comes in a solid form plus a few different sizes and shapes of bottles. A gay mens magazine also not to be confused with Thomas Gainsborough and a famous painting of subject thereof. Wont find him on spotify but may find the bands but that is not what our clientele is searching for besides which the painting is said to be cursed.