Buy Liquid Gold Poppers

Buy Liquid Gold Poppers


Plenty of very strong variants for liquid gold poppers to buy in store, poppers for sale include large and small sizes plus some “black”, super strength. Made in UK and generally available in 10ml. Alternatively buy  a whole tray of 18 , of course the more quantity bought the more savings are to be had!

Tray of Liquid Gold 18 pieces

Yes highly flammable not be orally taken and a severe eye irritant. But “Never Fake it” as these ones can be fatal if swallowed. Originating and still the number one branded name from Yorkshire and can be found in many a sex store high street in the UK and mainland Europe alike. Has been here for what seems like a lifetime and more than likely will be here for a few more lifetimes to come. A very popular popper containing  alkyl nitrites a chemical liquid mix.

Also available are power packs a way of mixing it up a little with some super high end well known names, buy a mix and save again. Four big rush blends plus one gold equals a super bargain power pack!

Full on Power pack

Known more as Aromas in the UK and more so associated with the gay crowds not that we ate the warehouse discriminate. Far from it we will and do well to anyone so long as your over the legal age and also if your country specific laws allow of course. so with our free shipping and VAT included it will be up to you to make sure you can receive delivery and also be possibly liable for any in country taxes. Inside the European Union product shipping and laws are steady and known but will and or maybe be adjusted fro UK buyers in a couple of years from the writing of this page 27/03/2017. Watch this space 🙂