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That time of year is coming again,Christmas with before and after sales. we expect a higher amount of traffic and subsequent purchases via our shop online. People expect bargains , shoppers see after “Black Friday” super Monday and after Xmas the January Sales. Christmas shopping can be super stressful but with online markets continuing an upward trend this is the future and present way to shop.

Cheaper poppers will be available for buyers we at the store always have quarterly and or monthly but bust certainly seasonal give away deals.

At the time of this writing article 70% promotion is set up Fab brands and some not so well known but just as strong long better or worse available.

Don’t forget to put up your stocking as small items can be well hidden, pleasant surprises and Xmas Cheer.Great names like Rush Jungle Juice Amsterdam Bear. These are categorized in strength aroma colour and bottle shape plus the all important labeling. Holiday and days off come end of December and New Year 2019 so why not acquire gifts for the bedroom indoors or out? Every year decades now we promote, sell and aspire to grow and of course become more profitable both in terms of money and customer experiences. Marketing is an art our warehouse stocks near on every aroma known to man having great supply chains ironically not having stock on shelves for long periods which could be seen as inefficient. The sales dept along side the gurus who know markets predict the future, see trends and react accordingly. Knowing peak times and getting in the stock necessary to ship out every day and not have back orders. Enough demand creates peaks, spikes for suppliers  and customers for their personal favorites.  

Here’s the “tail end” of this weeks initial promo following on from the 70% off weekly give away prior:

Christmas Time selected sales

There will be more towards the approach to the festive season , plus a massive end of year party!

Helping us helping you get what you wnat at the right price the right brands and more so at the right time.Outlet store lets aromas leave the doors every day and night in and outdeliveries.


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