Duo Mega

Mega pellets are not new but two in one is . Amsterdam Poppers have now gotten a newbie product Calling it a revolutionary idea. Double the oomph creating twice the power. A smaller container creates an even quicker release of the poppers. Easily delivering direct to the lungs via the traditional way or naturally being allowed to vape. Isopropyl Nitrite based and maybe the most powerful item in shop. Used for cruising but must be kept with the lid tight shut or you may find yourself flat on your back.

Keeping the contents as fresh and long time available for that quick unplanned or indeed calculated time slot.

Double Power

Great idea and a market first to the shop. Metal container that can be kept cool in the fridge hence leading to a longer faster life. Mixing it up by agitation stirring and bringing to the forefront a potent super mix direct to the heart of the matter. Amsterdam known for its culture lifestyle and relaxed coffee shop style atmosphere. Buying poppers at many outlets , a mild form when compared to what else this city has to offer and we are not talking tulips , that said the flower market down town center is just amazing!

The Most Powerful Poppers Ever ?

It is known as a “revolution” , a newbie, first of its kind , it wont be long till some copy cats come along. Try something new today even combined with your favorites this will be a welcome addition to your “Party Time”. A classic evolved formula based on pedigree. Possibly the strongest online.