Market News
The shop has news, reviews, plus events. Markets have come along way since the local high street besides there are two main interpretations. Poppers markets have developed and some what exploded since the online shopping business came and raced to the fore, overtaking the corner shop.
The way forward is via promotional media, social outlets. Plus of course our warehouse!

Shopping at the Street

Sales , purchases exchanging of monies and goods,leading on to the obvious two parties required sellers and buyers. Our niche market in aromas has both plus middle shopping ground. Shares are sided with business share holders speculate and either win or loose. Make or loose monies.

Trends are set by market forces economics and demand supply fuel the chain. Law of diminishing scale . Where over time even though the price of the product remains stable and set if we were to place a value on desire or satisfaction this would not equate to the prices paid at point of sale.

Buy Products Market Style

If for example beer was two euros per litre then at the first pint we could value the satisfaction of the first drink at 10 out of 10. Paying the full asking price, the second litre would not be as satisfying and so would not receive such a large value score, continuing the night of drinking could end up with the drinker being sick so the satisfaction score could be zero or worse a negative one. Economists would argue that therefore we should not be paying the asking price for something that makes us sick