New Boys 2021

Been some fantastic great new names in coming 2021. lots of talent in small sizes with big punches, impossible to name them all as the older styles have likewise upped their game and brought new angles on past very much present aromas. Rush , liquid gold, jungle juice and Amsterdam to name but some. The pandemic has focused and increased online sales seeing customers jostle for best bargains and in various currencies.

Shopping may not be the same as it was a year ago thats not to say it wont be better, just different and some would say improvement. Everything is going online seeing the high street alter and having less shops selling wares and more eateries cafes and deli’s. What will happen 2022 no one can really say but trends are moving more to online than ever before, shoppers sitting at home and ordering via P/C’s, laptops, tablets and smart phones even easier now with speaking to Alexa or to your internet browsers ect. Benefits are cost to the consumer and ease let alone the vast spread and choices that whilst not infinite, are far higher than past prior days. Best sellers in our field stay with the most established names. Cheaper and perhaps better are available but due to being less well known take time to develop as with any new production lines.

Cant wait for the end of the global pandemic and getting up close and personal whilst realizing shopping has changed most would agree for the better. Increasing outlets and choice, more for the consumers, its a no brainer! Opportunists take the high ground risks then calculate reaped rewards. Likewise buyers try new ways of thinking but at the end of the day the market decides.