Pig Poppers


Great branding from pig poppers for sale from UK.  Larger bottle than average with a distinctive Pig emblazoned upon a glossy edged bottle. Brown as usual and with extra strength lid. Aimed at the gay leather community but used by many more customers we are sure that this name will leave you wanting more, exciting stuff! Used in rough scenes or so the target design leads you to believe.

Leather Cleaner

Used to relax the muscles and should be inhaled naturally by opening and allowing them to breathe. The swinging scene likewise has a crave for this one :). Give a fantastic rush by increasing the heart rate signs include flushing of the face and light headiness some report having had headaches afterwards with usage prolonged or shortened. Does sexual desire increase well the “experts” say so and there must be something said from the old school for the slang term leather cleaner. The other well versed term is liquid incense.

So why not experiment or increase desire and perhaps live a better life in the bedroom outside or in the playroom 🙂 We sell online to anyone who orders with shipments done  and out of the warehouse in 24 hours. So long as payment is cleared and from your side ideally check prior to find out if incoming shipments are allowed into your country , customs and laws locally are outside of our control.

This aroma is brand new it’s  a designer technical one. Take your body to new heights and dabble tonight.