Premium Brands

Top notch poppers the high end flyers with great big named brands sitting proud. Some really known ones like Blue Boy and Jungle Juice. A few being variants such as the strong and super extra lines. Best products lead by example becoming ingrained, established “Roll of the tongue” and in customers head with a pre knowledge and hopefully desire to buy again having had the time of your life.

To choose a couple as examples as fore mentioned others would undoubtedly include Rush and liquid gold.

All time customer favorite

Expanding Blue Boy is a relative new one individual with a potent sales pitch having ow developed morphed into a unique stand alone Bottle colour, flavor, aroma liquidity and essence.

The Boys Blue

Super rush can now be found in many forms, strong and even solid wax type, originals. No need for any “Promo” here its all been done not that taking eyes off the ball is in the marketers vocab always trying to get ahead of the game and be at the forefront..

The juice of the jungle again first class with the same attributes as mentioned prior with various easily i dented different strains.

Premier Brand Junglejuice

One of the names been around since the year dot is Liquid Gold:


Consumers simply remember and keep coming back to this one will never leave the arena. Having mutated along the time line predominantly due to legal issues and to cover the bases Gold in its non type ie not black is sold street shops clubs pubs saunas and houses, no better place to buy than via the web. We harp on about it and keep coming back but there really is no better p[ace to aquire premium and not so known poppers.

In summary its a long old windy road with twists turns and bumps, changing of hands renewing of contracts new folk on the scene and old passing away but worth a page write up in anyone’s book.