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Instead of dropbox we promo shop drop a way of getting your poppers to your door efficiently, timely and at a great price! Not rocket science and methodology that has been with us for decades. Lets find a way and we deliver, quick sales procedure followed speedily up by twenty four delivery although depends on which country you live in. Plenty of hungry holes need feeding bitch boys, size queens, alpha males dominant and submissive, masters and slaves all go shopping, we all eat 🙂

No matter how many times orders are places online stock will inevitably change or run out but clients will always buy more, and no one likes to miss a bargain!Electronic shopping and the change of the high street allows more freedom and choice even more competition which can only mean one thing “Cheaper product”. All parties win.

The basic template runs through out all shopping cart baskets ours being no different having save come back later re order displays through descending / changing drop downs. Robust security and various preferably popular payment methods. Being centre stage for your USP does not limit us we also sell paraphernalia that associated and can come as part before or after having your favorite room odoriser develop , opening the bottle in the room and allowing to breath but as known sniffing directly form the bottle is actually what goes on behind closed doors.

The logistical chain is a long one from manufacturing plant to warehouse to the end consumer, we know many are made under the same roof and sometimes shipping occurs direct form the factory floor. Blending alternate themes create the very best poppers creating at scale allows for reduced costs passed on direct but always looking where to shed to further pass on savings. if everything looked the same in our product we would sell nothing. all senses are needed to allow the brain to obtain a picture normally bases on past memories. Smell being so important, even hearing the sound of the bottle opening pre conceptions and even taste not that any one drinks poppers warning labels galore stop you form doing that and one would seek medical attention if that happened. Touchy feel likewise due to the ingredients is most definitely not recommended . Some Nasty chemical nitrite bases chemicals with scientific names that only make sense to the scientists so read the packaging.

Best place to get supplies especially during a pandemic or when your housebound is at your work desk PC / laptop so get shopping having been here for decades now we are confident that bookmarking us now will save your cash in the future. Don’t even have to walk.Pity we don’t do click and collect.

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