Many ways to improve and develop with or without enhancements Poppers not exactly stimulants more the opposite, making you feel relaxed but aroused. Lazy and at the same time sexually lets say up for it! Containing properties which calm down increase pressure so not to be used with those with pressure problems and or heart ones. Hence the market advertisers warnings re usage with Viagra!

Can be interpreted as a drug or performance enhancer legal or otherwise. Recreational ? Abused? Most effect the central nervous system with effects ( Knock On ) else where ie : Lungs and in the case of aromas reported eye sight warnings and complications. Designed to polarize focus and increase libido too much can have the opposite effect so those becoming dependent / addicted could drive themselves into the opposite direction! Not really dependent on the method of intake IE: Intravenous or inhaled.
Uses include common cold methodology for lets say increasing the openings of the nasal passages. To more “hardened” drugs that avoid depression or HIV “Stoppers”. Amphetamine bases are the best known for ADHD treatments . Even more common are coffee , nicotine and Cocaine. Uses are legal and or course illegal . Most have also heard of meth amphetamine lately characterized on the TV by the series Breaking Bad.

Buying poppers can not relational be aligned nor compared with usage of “Hard” drugs being sold openly online and in high street shops / cafés. Selling around 10 Euros Pounds or Dollars per ten ml bottle instantly recognized generally by the super strong brown glass. Suppliers now are branching out more into the designer and catch your eye with new and even “better” mixes . Having been used in Egyptian times the formula remains the same but of course now more chemically balanced, correct and containing no unknowns therefore much safer and predictive in the effects.

How about getting a rush easy shop without the desire to eat with heightened heart rate desire and after tiredness relaxed. Effects are very temporary a couple of minutes or three at best then calm back to the start point. Headaches seem to be the only know regular reported undesired after-effect. Could be argued that poppers are not stimulants due to the latter making you more alert mobile and aware. The customer can decide at the end of the day but one thing is for sure aromas have been around for thousands of years and will be here with us for thousands more, on top, or under the table.