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Always one for a super sale this month its summer madness time and we are giving away , promotions keep coming in.

Summer Sales

around till 1st August with some bad boys on show , blue boy rush and fist also including more leaders like Amsterdam.



Summer is here and it looks like its staying for some time to come, 30% off will help anyone and its a serious amount of money to account for, best staying in your wallet but more importantly shows we at the store showcase and look after clients now and in the future:

All Brand New Radikal Rush

Get a rush to your head with these new styled re “Jigged” favorites for shoppers available to buy today at the summer sale discount of thirty percent down.

Mix it

Keep it in your Pocket

Emblematic again new “Pocket Sized” aromas easy to carry move and store for instant access. Deliver that power super strength knockout blow with this brilliant idea that has your poppers stored in an aluminium tin, screw cap. Expansion allowed and locked in flavour

Bound to be a sure fast winner for those on the go!

Click and Buy.





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