Top Poppers

We all have favorites and special places for those poppers we hold dear. Top sellers maybe but more like established ones that float the boat. Our marketing dept provide but its up to customers to decide which to buy.

Extra Strength Powerful Poppers

Extra Strong Jungle Juice Poppers 

X Trash

Those items for sale online are predominantly the leaders, long lived but not necessarily standing alone. The way to acquire your client base is by trying the product and then establishing a following. Our shop stocks and supplies to you and in fact anyone who can legally buy. Please know we will ship out but its up to buyers to know if it is allowed to pass customs and laws in resident countries.

There are also in online similar products like anal beads underwear and films,toys for pleasure and pain. The shop has a multi product leading shelf display, all similar items from the same industry, a quick browse through navigation will showcase the specials the top products and special offers. There is always a super sale on.