What are Poppers

Simply put poppers have been around since Egyptian times, Romans used them as well. Probably in a more potent and stronger form as Alchemy and chemistry was not what it is today. Liquid Nitrites from the Alkyl family. For the latest generations we can surmise the presence in the traditional brown bottles in the 1970’s. rave days followed and these aromas became the party accessory. Being sold under undercover names such as Leather Cleaner and room odorizers / aromas.

What are Poppers?

Known throughout the gay community but likewise available and used by all other parties. health concerns developed just like smoking and time saw the development of new more well formulated liquids to what we see today, a different “animal” to what was around in the 1970’s that said some countries have alternative laws and the original poppers are still being sold but are now hard to come by. The argument is out as to which is better stronger longer lasting and the debate and no doubt the development will continue. Recent developments in the UK have seen a potential ban on poppers by being included in the recent legal highs drug laws but narrowly escaped a ban at the last minute.

Freely available in corner shops but more choice availability and lower prices are to be found online.

What are the effects of poppers?

Used to relax the muscles and create a small lasting rush and an increase in sexual desire, a drop in blood pressure so definitely not to be used by those on heart related or pressure issues. Of course with all usage there are risks so all bottles are marked with warning labels declaring to allow the aroma to develop in a well ventilated space and also highly flammable. Some side affects include erectile dysfunction but more common are headaches. Reports of vision abnormalities have recently come forward with cases reported in the U.K and France. Isobutyl nitrite is now banned in the UK and the E.U being sold only in the isopropyl nitrite from. The USA has both variants for sale but Canada for example sells none at all.

No links to AIDS as was reported and suspected in the early days of the epidemic. Fact. The link being made by association with an increase in sex with a higher usage of poppers.

Latest and newest craze includes solid poppers , th contents being held in suspension and allowed to be released by rubbing the wax under the nose, contained in a aluminium tin so do not leave them out in high temperatures, as wax melts.