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Our summer season poppers discounts is still on, discounted 15% off everything across the shop. Plus the special even bigger savings found on specific products we have for sale like some of the toys we have. Good news travels fast and its all great for everyone, customers get a cheaper deal and the warehouse ups its sales figures. Not rocket science but like every super sale it must come to an end. The 15% is cut of day but check out the other aromas that have even more of: Rush ranges including lubricant, ultra strong, standard and radikal have an even bigger mark off presently 25%!

cheaper rush poppers

In shop toys:

Sex Toy Bonanza

Back to the main event,  so don’t be late get shopping and likewise get free shipment and  taxes induced. We all ways have a “deal on”. Just like the supermarkets but whilst some thing can be found for everyone we urge customers to not only come on back in store but buy now and keep more of your cash in your wallet or purse of course.

15% off till 12 July

Be quick although we have one of the largest stocks in Europe ready for immediate dispatch the prices as well as coming down can go back up. Whilst online do take a look at the packs as most if not all of the popular names have a summer promotion on presently. Happy shopping 🙂 .