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The world is smaller now than before not physically but in regards to ease of access markets are global and competition fierce but can now be due to world effects be cheaper. The customer can now buy from anywhere at any time shop from the computer desk laptop or tablet, mobile phones smart phones now enable the save chopper to buy at the touch of a screen. We are at Popper shopper mobile friendly. We ship out from Austria direct to U.K. Costs lowered selling cheaper to U.K. Theoretically buying poppers in U.K  should be even more discounted but by keeping the central internet wholesale distribution centre centralised we can offer the very best prices online. We predominantly distribute to Europe as the outside boundaries incur taxes and customs duties so people shoppers from outside the EU generally shop inside their own country borders.

Of course, BREXIT may see us leave the union but not for years, markets will remain in place and we believe that customers will always want a poppers bargain so we will supply, simple economics! Demand supply.

Business trade is border less with the internet shop postal charges may be higher, next day delivery and shipping costs are included before check out basket. Various payment methods including cards and even old school bank transfers.

Erotic products are always an issue even in modern Britain as the buyer genuinely may have concerns about being seen going into a sex shop so we get around that problem as delivery is in plain normally white packaging discreet and gives no idea as to contents, not that anyone should have such prying eyes it being illegal to open someone else’s mail packages. Famous brands of poppers and some not so are freely available to buy online however it’s up to the customer to know if where they live that poppers can be used / shipped in. We can’t be responsible for other government laws. Safety is also of concern and we don’t encourage direct sniffing for the bottle as the aroma is meant to be allowed to naturally vapourise in the room area. Do not have naked flames in the vicinity as poppers are flammable. Poppers are not sex product parse nor aphrodisiac. Our products are original they must be in mainland Europe that’s said we are aware of fake products incoming form outside of the EU and so outside hard line laws regulations designed and put in to place for safety and health reasons.

English Extra Strength XXX poppers

We have for the first time use and hardened customer’s alike aromas classical high end cheap and expensive an aroma for everyone and that’s just about guaranteed. Our stock range is enviable off the peg shelf storeroom with same day preparation packing and dispatch within twenty four hours from order receipt even at weekends. As we are promoting UK and Germany why not try English Poppers extra strength triple X and above average contents not only in effect but in liquid content. A true thoroughbred power poppers flying of the stockroom shelves right now!

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