Rush Poppers

Push Poppers

Rush made by PWD and a name that has been on our stock room shelves for decades. Branding includes the now infamous Captain Rush. Reached peak sales and steamed ahead of the competition in the nineteen seventies. Usually our best seller annually and it’s no wonder as the price is right and the Brand sells itself. Of course Rush poppers are not the only PWD popper. So it’s no surprise to see rush tagged along side new exciting fresh and some would argue alternative aromas that give differing effects. No better way to get you product “Out there” than sitting it alongside a market leader.
Available in 15 and 20 millilitre brown bottles and also with stay longer pills in some more pricey lines. The stay longer pill does just that as when any poppers bottle is opened it starts to vaporise and some elements vaporise and deplete faster than others. The overall effect is the popper degenerate and those without the pill faster than those that have the pill. Some folk also keep their poppers in the fridge compartment to prolong life.
Power pill and extra large quantities are best value for money if you plan to use over a longer period and keep them in a cool stored area. But if its a room odorized then the 15 ml standard Rush is the best value for money.
The latest new comer to the Rush range is Super Rush! Bright new Red 30 ml Bottle with “Never Fake It” The well versed and known brand slogan that sometimes sits beside captain Rush. Currently priced at 10.90 Euros inc VAT and some shipment costs.

Never Fake It

Never Fake It

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