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Here in 2019 its been an up and down year to date with three quarters gone and one remaining. Up and down to say the least. New comers include Alpha and a range of stronger variants. Amsterdam adding to its black label and Jungle juice bringing in an addition to its family. Rush as always creating new and exciting aromas. The promotions have run near on all year predominantly with established lines adding to their sides a more less known accomplice aiming to make a presence in the market place, great way to sell and make your mark. Price as always is scrutinized by customers and Branding king. With the advent of a greatly fluctuating Euro vss Pound the market has seen ups and downs tied to currencies. Now as we enter at this time of writing a possible end of sight in the Brexit negotiations showing a spike in pound sterling value and surge in sales figures to match. We see trends, and are not alone in wanting to see an end to the uncertainty.

Home market UK will want to get a Bargain scrutinizing shoppers will allow for currency value undoubtedly having a choice of suppliers for the home and high street market suppliers. Associated products likewise have a place demand being high with our poppers an accompaniment. Energy balls, monster toys, stimulants even underwear pumps and rings. Have one purpose and that is to have fun! Not all about the money. Mini Boy man scent are two such lesser known items now more established and predictably here to stay. We will always have a cyber sale , books, living room and table top items can be bought laid out displayed along side the “Hidden” bed side toys for boys.We even have toys of the week, regular customers will know we near have sales year round. Discretion is key with delivery options for brown paper bags and boxes will no outside marking to lead prying eyes. Information displayed online and within packages sales are for room aromas and odorants . Old names like leather cleaner and even video head cleaner form a bi gone age, accompanied by metal amulets for example, or our popular mask definitely not sold to minors having stringent multi system safeguards in place. Security and high end finance checks with known protection in place. Not everyone can use or even import and at the warehouse we strive to achieve this but it is up to the end users and the location the order is deriving from to ensure local laws are adhered to. Not responsible or to be held accountable for misuse and or ordering from places know not to allow or be it illegal. Orders require a declaration of 18 years old in the process. Chemical elements are ion the products and are not designed for inhalation all shipments are from the European Union.

E.U Supply to U.K
EU Suppliers to the U.K

Lets bring in 2020 soon with a party No doubt a Christmas bonanza sales marked down by 30% product promo will be showing its face soon.

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