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May madness or just a promo 🙂  Yes its all about keeping everyone happy and keep the new poppers broad casted and the older ones re visited. This month we have stretched out the special offers with the popular buy one get  some free for sale type idea. Now running till 24th May and maybe even longer with May day bank holiday coming up. All the great names including rush and Amsterdam plus a new boy to the park namely “Oink”. Pink pig emblematic labeling that is sure to stand out on the shop shelves.

Discounted Purchases

The new formula is being showcased for push plus some new monster toys for 2017. Other discounts on Blue Boy standard 30% but customers be quick to get your spring bargain shop in. with bottles coming in at under six euros including taxes and shipment these offers all though regular do put a smile on many faces.

Oink Oink

Now how can anyone not remember this pretty in pink aroma! No mistaking this one and could be a winner.

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