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Great news as the incoming poppers ban in the U.K is lifted and is not included in the current legal highs laws which entered into effect in April. Alkyl Nitrites ware not included and a reprieve gained for Poppers Users which is predominantly the gay community. Used in Sex to relax the sphincter muscles and not regarded as a high the news comes as a relief to many.

Law Makers cahnge Direction

Law Makers change Direction

Over the years aroma formulas have been tweaked keep poppers legal. Used since Egyptian and Roman times the chemical mixes nowadays are not as likely to be as diverse and potent as days gone by. Science prevails and health and long of life comes first.  Popped under your nose was the way not so long ago to treat Angina and some believed this is how poppers came by their name even though sniffing of the chemical mixes has been around for centuries.

The immediate effects are an increase in blood pressure leading to a rush and expansion of the heart which gives the feeling of light-headedness and a “rush” lasting form a few seconds to half a minute. The longer lasting effects can include headaches and a feeling of tiredness. Laughing gas and the new age designer high drugs are now banned under the misuse of drugs act “legal highs” , some say poppers should never have been included in the ban and that the laws have been rushed through and their is  a case for this argument. We think that overall the efforts have been to get the legal highs off the streets and out of the social scene and support the ban.  We welcome the last minute intervention by the UK Government and continue to sell to anyone who can acquire buy poppers via our online stores or alternate suppliers.   As with any product over usage can result in adverse effects and proper usage is advised. Take note of the bottles advisories and warnings clearly displayed on labeling. Act responsibly and with consideration to others.

We will ensure to follow the formulation ingredients of poppers to safeguard end users. We buy and supply from reputed established manufactures such as PWD. The advisory Committee of the misuse of drugs department  ACMD will monitor , the product is not psychoactive.

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