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Big Statement by the store. Radikal Rush aromas from PWD. New stylish and containing a new pellet designed to be shaken not stirred. The bottle is oversized to allow the shake, the bottle is likewise reportedly unbreakable meaning it is super strength as nothing is indestructible. We believe its a one off line production with a limited manufacturing quantity being made.

Its a strong ONe

Its a strong one.

The bottle has a larger opening allowing after shaking and activating the mega pellet this new mix to be fully unleashed.  Reviews online have been five star and no complaints to date only one negative that we have found and that is the bottle as its not standard and therefore not what customers are used to is out of the norm and so comes in for some criticism.

Described as the new string and not seen since the 1980’s but with the real bonus of no head aches afterwards which is an all time reported issue for poppers users.

Radikal Rush designed to sit along side its cousins and a breath of fresh air 30ml in quantity and under 12 euros including shipping. It may be that the line batch will be extended but as far as we are aware  this is a “one off”. So get your orders in and re orders of course and likewise leave a review on the warehouse site.

Rush Lube 1000ml

Rush Lube 1000ml

Combine the night with some Rush Lube available in 100ml for under six Euros. Water based lubricant, German engineered and made for latex condom use. Natural feel  with one purpose in mind namely pleasure. No oils nor perfume aromas. No colour and no odor but a fantastic partner for any poppers supporter.  The lube is medically certified for medical usage and has therefore a CE accreditation. Designed for quick action with sensual results. So don’t hang about buy some poppers now and also don’t miss out on this great sex product lubricant. Rule number one though as always have safe fun.

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