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UK Poppers Law

On the first of April Poppers will become illegal to sell in the UK. However it is reported that a review will take place and the “list” of legal highs may be amended to allow the sale of poppers in the future. Teresa May the UK home secretary has been voiced as the person responsible for pushing the bill through but of course with a voting process along the way. Alcohol and caffeine have escaped the ban which seems sensible and laughing gas has been banned, a substance which has seen a growth in popularity and seen as a party drug but has been used irresponsibly so is a risk.

Law Makers

Law Makers

Alkyl  Nitrites a part of the chemical make up of poppers is the banned substance, in the past poppers suppliers have tweaked the mix to navigate around the laws. Rush Room aromas, leather cleaner and video head cleaners have also been used to “Re-name” the product to likewise stay within the bounds of law but allow for usage predominantly by the gay community. It is the gay folk who will suffer most and it can be argued that they will suffer the most as poppers are used to relax the muscles and allow for more mutually compatible sex.

The poppers bill has been passed through with good reason but it has been a rush. So the result is the ban of poppers as of the 1st April 2016 in U.K. It is hoped the resultant review will allow the lifting off the list of poppers as they are clearly not a legal high, poppers are seen and used by many due to the opposite effects. Time will tell.

As gay guys stock up at home a whole bunch of questions arise:

Is it illegal to stock up at home for personal use?

Is it legal to use poppers at a gay venue from your personal stock pile and then allow or pass on a bottle of poppers to someone else, who will be arrested?

Will the health of gay guys be improved or become worse?

Will tobacco and wine be made illegal soon?

Will the ban be reviewed and poppers be allowed back onto gay club and local news paper shops and sauna shelves?

Poppers Banned 1st April

Poppers Banned 1st April

Lets hope the above reads well and is understandable and in time the ban on poppers be lifted, it makes sense even from many an outsider’s non poppers user’s point of view. Simply put to coin an old phrase the law incoming is draconian and typical politics. Well intention but not investigated enough.

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