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Winter in Store Bargains!

Here and online of course we have a range of winter bargain shop front deals that are hard to beat. Our warehouse not only stocks strong poppers but has many savings direct. Up to seventy percent of some lines and generally speaking we have thirty percent discounted stock deals every month. Inhalers poppers sprays, anal plugs lubes, rush condoms. Just some of the vast super shop stock we have on the shelves on a day to day basis. Here we pride ourselves in cheaper brands, lower prices due to cutting out the middle market men. Lifestyle products, potency items,  stimulants and delay sprays are just a few more of what our online business has to offer. Poppers are our primary business, this month we have Radikal poppers on special offer 30% discounted plus the new jungle juice: Radikal rush is on a push we have bargains and this most recent and most popular name. discounted by buy 3 get one free , variants in ten and 30 mls. Our individual large opened bottle necks are likewise down in price.

Radikal Rush Poppers with mega Pellet

We have presently in store a total of 150 alternative items on our super winter sale, not only poppers but toys sprays lubes and dvds to name but a few. For the more adventurous we have plugs large and small beginners novices welcome! Rubber gloves creams and water based products. Leather gear stop plugs and well we thing our warehouse has it all covered.

Zizi Butt Plug

Take the Anal plug by Zizi it’s a brilliant designed shape and one that will tantalise any accommodating hole. Its flexible keeps it shape and it can be easily concealed being super handy and pocket sized. Made in Belgium it has true European standards. Length 14cms but you will have to check out all the other sizes as it has a few surprises.

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