Super Sales at Easter

Continuing the sale we are offering a further 15% off across the board on everything until April 4th! Apply the code and get cheaper deals, simple. Chocolate Easter Bunnies and poppers plus a whole lot more! In shop we stock toys, garments, reading material and alternative life items for use in the bedroom and outside. BDSM: Fetish wear collars gags and teasing toys. Get a super deal on the Sale, buy with confidence and the knowledge that your purchase will […]

40% Off poppers

Yup that’s right 40% off poppers when you buy selective brands namely Amsterdam, fist and rush poppers. Sales are now reduced with a massive super 40% discount. Who wins, well everyone we sell more and promote maybe some lesser well know names and the consumer wins by buying at a cheaper price and therefore saves money. So get down in shop today grab yourself a bargain plus save your ability to shop with more spending power elsewhere or alternatively buy […]

Winter Rush poppers SUPER Sale

Yup you heard it here first Winter Rush poppers with some coming free with purchases , just check out the 15% off offer valid on everything. Shop now and save Christmas is a coming. Just remember the promotional code Santa is here and make sure you have some of the new poppers in your sack. Ten mils of dreamy liquid and for the first prize get 15% off . Now that is what we call a bargain. This blue rush […]

Poppers summer madness super sales

Yup not quite a give away but still a chunk off nearly a third off on great brands like rush super strength and Amsterdam plus one of the new boys “Oink” a pink pig definite stand out among the crowd aroma. All are reasonably new to the  store and have flavors, scents and strength value. Some last longer in effect and some are more potent. Radikal makes new appearance and Man Scent is likewise well known , all have dedicated […]