Best Runner Up

Here in 2019 its been an up and down year to date with three quarters gone and one remaining. Up and down to say the least. New comers include Alpha and a range of stronger variants. Amsterdam adding to its black label and Jungle juice bringing in an addition to its family. Rush as always creating new and exciting aromas. The promotions have run near on all year predominantly with established lines adding to their sides a more less known […]

Buy poppers

Shopping today is easy, just sit in front of your PC and super save money buy direct. Rush poppers cheap and easy delivery combination deals from the store shelf. Discounted new poppers names, super and extra strong poppers available 24/7 online. Easy secure payments card and bank transfers , its so easy and cheaper than the high street stores and sex shops. No in between and no extra hidden charges we even incorporate the shipping and Value added taxes. Such […]

Strongest Poppers Ever

Big Statement by the store. Radikal Rush aromas from PWD. New stylish and containing a new pellet designed to be shaken not stirred. The bottle is oversized to allow the shake, the bottle is likewise reportedly unbreakable meaning it is super strength as nothing is indestructible. We believe its a one off line production with a limited manufacturing quantity being made. The bottle has a larger opening allowing after shaking and activating the mega pellet this new mix to be […]

Bulk Purchase Poppers

The savvy shopper in today’s market knows the internet is king. Power buys in quantity can have the positive effect and acquiring more of the product in this case poppers for the same if not less money when dividing quantity and price, in other words the more you buy the more you save. Of course items have shelf lives the poppers buyer today stores them in the fridge! Quick overnight delivery options and 24 hr guarantees on your product purchases […]

Free Summer Special Offers

Here we aim to please at our shop. We give and take so to speak and this summer we have as always specials on. IE Buy one, get one free or in some cases more than one free. The Zero Rush series of poppers are our market leaders plus the new aromas choose liquid burning superrush or ultra strong in the large bottle sizes and get two free! Thats a real super summer special deal! Man scent, blue boy, jungle […]

Square Bottles

Traditionally poppers come in brown and or discoloured bottles either of twenty or fifteen millimetre liquid capacities. Trend these days is for rectangular ones with advantages and disadvantages. More labelling power to the square type, plus a change is refreshing and new and what better way to distinguish your brand from the competitors. We also have larger ml bottles coming to the market place and combined with the new shape they do stand out on our poppers warehouse shop floor! […]

Shop For Poppers

Warehouse Open Online shopping is all the rage and no surprises there as super saving can be had! Cut down the cost to the end user and therefore cut down the sales prices. Not rocket science. We stock and keep on our shelves not only the quick turn round items but also the lesser ones to , ie the new comers to the market place. Keeping stock on the shelf is also not good business. What we aim to achieve […]