Iron Horse

As its poppers name suggests Iron Horse is a strong popper created by push Square designer bottle. Distinctive orange label and a definite kick, this brand has found its place on the internet market shelf and is a popular choice among the faithfuls its been on and in the shops for decades. Buy direct via our shop online customers are never disappointing and we have no complaints for this poppers. 10 ml as standard and priced competitively to sell.

Solid Poppers

Yes you read it right solid poppers are here . A long live new aroma in a solid state from our online shop. Sealed in paraffin wax. How do you use them? Well rub the mix and release the vapors and afterwards place them back in the aluminum container designed for safe keeping and even longer shelf life, which is the age old issue with traditional poppers. These solid poppers are revolutionary and therefore new to the market so lets […]

Rush poppers anniversary

Old style poppers brand from push namely rush poppers but an anniversary edition. Still design yellow rush 40th anniversary edition. 10ml’s brown aroma standard bottle, large opening easy breathe fusion for strong poppers sold via the store shop online for special runs of poppers.

Rush Ultra Strong

An old all time brand of poppers that has been available for purchase for decades. Rush is long established and will be around the market till the end of time. Originally only one “type” was available but now extra strong rush and black rush ( Just like Whiskey ) is available. There being many more poppers suppliers around. PWD Pac West distributing are the manufacturers and they likewise produce other “brand” names such as Push. The chemical mix has changed […]