Rush Ultra Strong

An old all time brand of poppers that has been available for purchase for decades. Rush is long established and will be around the market till the end of time. Originally only one “type” was available but now extra strong rush and black rush ( Just like Whiskey ) is available. There being many more poppers suppliers around. PWD Pac West distributing are the manufacturers and they likewise produce other “brand” names such as Push. The chemical mix has changed […]

Push Poppers

Push poppers another PWD name from the past and very much in the present. Sweet smelling and long lasting aroma provided in the normal 15 ml bottle and also in larger volumes. Labelling has changed over the years but the prominent colour has always been blue. Not the most popular but very much a great contender and established with its followers most of whom discovered the aroma following on buy acquiring its “Big brother” rush. Chemically the mix has evolved […]

Rush Poppers

Push Poppers Rush made by PWD and a name that has been on our stock room shelves for decades. Branding includes the now infamous Captain Rush. Reached peak sales and steamed ahead of the competition in the nineteen seventies. Usually our best seller annually and it’s no wonder as the price is right and the Brand sells itself. Of course Rush poppers are not the only PWD popper. So it’s no surprise to see rush tagged along side new exciting […]