Best Runner Up

Here in 2019 its been an up and down year to date with three quarters gone and one remaining. Up and down to say the least. New comers include Alpha and a range of stronger variants. Amsterdam adding to its black label and Jungle juice bringing in an addition to its family. Rush as always creating new and exciting aromas. The promotions have run near on all year predominantly with established lines adding to their sides a more less known […]

UK Law on Poppers April 1st 2016

UK Poppers Law On the first of April Poppers will become illegal to sell in the UK. However it is reported that a review will take place and the “list” of legal highs may be amended to allow the sale of poppers in the future. Teresa May the UK home secretary has been voiced as the person responsible for pushing the bill through but of course with a voting process along the way. Alcohol and caffeine have escaped the ban […]