Best Runner Up

Here in 2019 its been an up and down year to date with three quarters gone and one remaining. Up and down to say the least. New comers include Alpha and a range of stronger variants. Amsterdam adding to its black label and Jungle juice bringing in an addition to its family. Rush as always creating new and exciting aromas. The promotions have run near on all year predominantly with established lines adding to their sides a more less known […]

May Day Give Away

May madness or just a promo 🙂  Yes its all about keeping everyone happy and keep the new poppers broad casted and the older ones re visited. This month we have stretched out the special offers with the popular buy one get  some free for sale type idea. Now running till 24th May and maybe even longer with May day bank holiday coming up. All the great names including rush and Amsterdam plus a new boy to the park namely […]

Winter Sale in Store

Winter in Store Bargains! Here and online of course we have a range of winter bargain shop front deals that are hard to beat. Our warehouse not only stocks strong poppers but has many savings direct. Up to seventy percent of some lines and generally speaking we have thirty percent discounted stock deals every month. Inhalers poppers sprays, anal plugs lubes, rush condoms. Just some of the vast super shop stock we have on the shelves on a day to […]

New Year Poppers

Happy New Year 2017! Been a busy start to 2017 so far with a demand for ultra strong poppers products. We have a great combination three rush power popper pack at a 30% discounted new year price. Three Rush alternate items ultra strong super and zero rush. Combined to give you a 30% discounted super strength deal! We will be launching several new brands this year and will bring more like products to our store. Every month we will have […]

Head Rush

Ever had a head rush. The effects of poppers give you a head ache for some and nothing / no effects for others. We allow you to buy poppers over the counter ( Well a virtual counter ) of course as we are an online store. Rush poppers been around for donkeys years and an all too familiar fave among-st the poppers users. Of late Rush has had a wider variety to buy online including some one off run specials […]

Poppers Ban Lifted

Great news as the incoming poppers ban in the U.K is lifted and is not included in the current legal highs laws which entered into effect in April. Alkyl Nitrites ware not included and a reprieve gained for Poppers Users which is predominantly the gay community. Used in Sex to relax the sphincter muscles and not regarded as a high the news comes as a relief to many. Over the years aroma formulas have been tweaked keep poppers legal. Used […]

Strongest Poppers Ever

Big Statement by the store. Radikal Rush aromas from PWD. New stylish and containing a new pellet designed to be shaken not stirred. The bottle is oversized to allow the shake, the bottle is likewise reportedly unbreakable meaning it is super strength as nothing is indestructible. We believe its a one off line production with a limited manufacturing quantity being made. The bottle has a larger opening allowing after shaking and activating the mega pellet this new mix to be […]

UK Law on Poppers April 1st 2016

UK Poppers Law On the first of April Poppers will become illegal to sell in the UK. However it is reported that a review will take place and the “list” of legal highs may be amended to allow the sale of poppers in the future. Teresa May the UK home secretary has been voiced as the person responsible for pushing the bill through but of course with a voting process along the way. Alcohol and caffeine have escaped the ban […]

Free Summer Special Offers

Here we aim to please at our shop. We give and take so to speak and this summer we have as always specials on. IE Buy one, get one free or in some cases more than one free. The Zero Rush series of poppers are our market leaders plus the new aromas choose liquid burning superrush or ultra strong in the large bottle sizes and get two free! Thats a real super summer special deal! Man scent, blue boy, jungle […]

Lady Poppers

One for the ladies, a “pink” aroma targeted at one of the very many alternative audiences of the world, proving there is something for everyone at the poppers warehouse store! This room odorise is priced to sell at under 8 Euros. Pleasant fragrance enhanced and a stand out outer packaging of the traditional poppers bottle brown by design. This popper would ideally suit those not requiring such a kick more a pleasant smell with a light headedness after bite! If […]