English Poppers for Sale

The world is smaller now than before not physically but in regards to ease of access markets are global and competition fierce but can now be due to world effects be cheaper. The customer can now buy from anywhere at any time shop from the computer desk laptop or tablet, mobile phones smart phones now enable the save chopper to buy at the touch of a screen. We are at Popper shopper mobile friendly. We ship out from Austria direct […]

Square Bottles

Traditionally poppers come in brown and or discoloured bottles either of twenty or fifteen millimetre liquid capacities. Trend these days is for rectangular ones with advantages and disadvantages. More labelling power to the square type, plus a change is refreshing and new and what better way to distinguish your brand from the competitors. We also have larger ml bottles coming to the market place and combined with the new shape they do stand out on our poppers warehouse shop floor! […]