Rush Video

Just seen a video and here it is showcasing Rush the number one supplier of poppers world wide. Rush Poppers Black ultra strong, liquid incense and pellet style plus solid types showcased here . Old names like leather cleaner, Alternative  amounts for sale. Throw in some more likes and remember “Never Fake It”!

May Day Give Away

May madness or just a promo 🙂  Yes its all about keeping everyone happy and keep the new poppers broad casted and the older ones re visited. This month we have stretched out the special offers with the popular buy one get  some free for sale type idea. Now running till 24th May and maybe even longer with May day bank holiday coming up. All the great names including rush and Amsterdam plus a new boy to the park namely […]

New Popper Sales

Great new page added with the top five best sellers of all time: Showcasing the originals, namely rush gold and jungle juice poppers plus the new ultra power new boys for sale since the what seems like the dark ages! Worth a shuffle but probably the stats wont change as the originals have been in “The Game” for years and are far ahead of the pack. The designer names always sell and so much has to do with marketing […]